Handbooks and support

When you sign up to eHerkenning it is important that your online service is correctly registered in the services catalogue. Also, make sure that you and your users are well prepared for the switch to eHerkenning.

eHerkenning has prepared two handbooks to help you complete this process. Your broker will provide you with copies of these handbooks:

Handbook services catalogue

EHerkenning uses a services catalogue. The catalogue contains a list of all services from the service providers that are affiliated to eHerkenning. The services catalogue for example contains the following information:

  • name and description of the service
  • service provider
  • level of assurance required for the service 

The information in the services catalogue is used for a number of purposes. For example, for the eHerkenning login screen and for authorisation. It is therefore essential that you supply the correct information. By doing so, your service will be easily recognisable and findable for your users.

This handbook helps you complete the mandatory data on the intake form for the services catalogue. Your eHerkenning broker will provide you with the handbook and the intake form during the signing up process.

Handbook communication

To prepare your clients for the use of eHerkenning in good time, you must provide them with the following information:

  • The date from which they must log in using eHerkenning.
  • The level of assurance they need.

It is important that your clients are able to apply for the correct eHerkenning means, in good time. Make sure your internal and external communication are excellent.

The communication handbook contains the rules and guidelines for communication that you as a service provider must comply with. For example, rules on the use of the correct and mandatory illustrations, logos, level of assurance vignettes and terminology. The handbook also lists compulsory and optional key messages.

If you have any further questions or need more support, contact your eHerkenning broker direct.