Clients in Europe (eIDAS)

As a service provider with a public task, you are obliged to accept European approved login means for your digital services.

This makes it easy and secure for citizens and businesses to arrange their affairs online, in the European Economic Area (EEA). All the obligations contained in the European eIDAS Regulation have been in effect since 29 September 2018.

What is eIDAS?

The acronym eIDAS stands for ‘Electronic Identification And Trust Services’. In the eIDAS Regulation, the EEA Member States have agreed to make use of the same definitions, levels of assurance and common digital infrastructure.

One aspect of the Regulation relates to the cross-border use of approved European login means. The Regulation consists of two components: incoming traffic and outgoing traffic.

Incoming traffic

Citizens and businesses from another EEA country must be able to log in to Dutch service providers with a public task, using a European approved login means.

For example, a German citizen who has committed a traffic violation, can easily access his fine by logging in to the digital counter of the CJIB (Central Judicial Collection Agency) using his German login means.

Outgoing traffic

eHerkenning is a login means approved in Europe.

This means that since 1 September 2021, entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations are able to arrange their affairs online with a (government) service provider in another EEA country, as long as these service providers offer European login services.

Comparison of levels of assurance eHerkenning and eIDAS

EHerkenning offers four different levels of assurance that comply with the European eIDAS levels of assurance. 

eHerkenning eIDAS
EH2 Low
EH2+ Low
EH3 Substantial
EH4 High

Accepting European login means

Citizens and businesses in more than 20 EEA countries use an online identification means. Dutch citizens and businesses use DigiD and eHerkenning to do business online with the government.

Are you a service provider that accepts DigiD or eHerkenning as a login means? In that case, you must also accept (approved) European login means. This is required according to the European eIDAS Regulation. The public sector takes the lead in this respect because the European measure is binding for all service providers with a public task.

When are you required to accept European login?

You are a service provider with a public task. This group includes municipalities, provinces, water authorities, Ministries, implementing agencies, university hospitals, health insurers, universities and pension funds.

Login with level of assurance substantial and high (EH3 or EH4)

If Dutch citizens and businesses can log in to your online services at a level of assurance substantial or high, using DigiD or eHerkenning, then you must also make it possible for European citizens and businesses with a European approved login means to log in, too. 

Using DigiD Substantial or eHerkenning EH3 or EH4, users can also log in to services that require a lower level of assurance. 

Please note: the level of assurance of the login means of the user takes priority; not the level of assurance of the online service.

In other words, even if you offer your services at a lower level of assurance, you must still offer European login. 

Sign up to eIDAS

Approved eHerkenning brokers can make your services accessible to European citizens and businesses. To access eIDAS, you need at least version interface 1.11 of eHerkenning. As well as signing up to the eIDAS infrastructure, an eHerkenning broker can also ensure that your organisation is signed up to eHerkenning.

eHerkenning is the standard solution for online access in the world of business. Using eHerkenning, Dutch businesses can gain access to your digital services. To accept eHerkenning, you make use of the same interface as for eIDAS. This means that not only European citizens and businesses but also Dutch businesses and organisations have access to your online services. The current layout of your systems and the data you require for each service determine how you must implement eHerkenning.

Do you want to sign up to eIDAS? Contact an eHerkenning broker.

Trust Framework for Electronic Identification

The eIDAS infrastructure is integrated in the Trust Framework for Electronic Identification. eHerkenning is also based on this framework.

Only approved brokers for eHerkenning can make your services accessible to European citizens and businesses.

Read more about eHerkenning brokers.


Costs for signing up to eHerkenning for eIDAS

The costs depend on the broker and your particular wishes. Request a price quotation from one or more brokers, and explain your specific wishes. Remember to mention:

  • the required Service Level Agreement
  • eIDAS proofness, including or excluding eHerkenning
  • the level of support you need
  • customisation

There are 5 approved brokers that can sign you up to eHerkenning. 

Read more about eHerkenning brokers


More information

For more information about eIDAS, go to the Logius website.

eHerkenning brokers

If you have further questions or want to know more about the technical aspects of signing up, or simply require more advice, contact an eHerkenning broker.

Legal questions and communications advice:

If you have a legal question or want advice on communication about eIDAS, send an email to