What is eHerkenning

EHerkenning is a secure and reliable login means with which you can log in to over 500 different services and service providers such as the UWV, municipalities, the Tax and Customs Administration and insurers.

In other words, with eHerkenning, you can do business online, securely. Service providers are sure that you are who you say you are, and that you are authorised to arrange certain affairs with them. Access to these online services is guaranteed to be secure and reliable. This is important, because you will be exchanging sensitive information such as medical, financial or personal data.

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Assured login

The higher the level of assurance of eHerkenning, the more sensitive the information you can exchange online. In total there are 4 levels of assurance: EH2, EH2+, EH3 and EH4. 

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Advantages of eHerkenning

To find out more about the advantages of eHerkenning in practice, read the testimonials by users and service providers.

Secure login

With eHerkenning, you can log in securely. Service providers know for certain who you are and that you are authorised to arrange certain affairs with them.

Therefore, access to these online services is guaranteed to be secure and reliable. eHerkenning is linked to an individual person. You cannot transfer your eHerkenning means to someone else, or share your login details with someone else. 

A single, standardised login system

With just one login means from eHerkenning, you can log in to over 500 different organisations. Gone are the days when you needed a whole list of different login codes and passwords.

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Free choice

You choose your own approved eHerkenning supplier and you choose your own level of assurance. In other words, you can choose how you wish to log in.

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More and more (government)organisations require you to log in with eHerkenning. With the introduction of the Digital Government Act, the Government of the Netherlands will make eHerkenning compulsory for government organisations.


eHerkenning is a personal login means. This means that you cannot transfer your eHerkenning means to, or share them with, anyone else.


You can authorise other individuals within the organisation. So that they too can use eHerkenning. For example, for financial matters or Human Resources. This helps prevent fraud and ensures that organisations are always certain that the appropriate employee is logging in to do business on behalf of the company. In the case of an investigation into (suspected) fraud, it is also possible to identify the person to whom the means was issued.

What if your employee leaves the business? In that case, their authorisations must be withdrawn. You will need to apply for a new means and authorisation(s), for a new employee. If an employee switches job within the organisation, it is possible to adjust his/her authorisation(s) via a management module or an online form.

All these guarantees ensure that data remain secure, and only the authorised persons have access to the information. Within your organisation, you have an overview of who is authorised to log into which service.

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For whom is eHerkenning intended

With eHerkenning, you can do business online with (government) organisations, if you represent one of the following target groups:  

  • business
  • organisation
  • intermediary
  • sole trader
Sole trader with no Chamber of Commerce number

A number of government service providers identify sole traders on the basis of their citizen service number (BSN). For example the Tax and Customs Administration and the UWV.

Sole traders can also use eHerkenning with these organisations, even sole traders not registered with the Chamber of Commerce. 

Independent entrepreneur with Chamber of Commerce number

To make use of eHerkenning with all affiliated (government) service providers, you must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

If you have multiple enterprises, you can still use just one eHerkenning means. Simply link multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers to that means. You can then log in with eHerkenning on behalf of each of these enterprises.

Where can you use eHerkenning

You can use eHerkenning with more than 500 affiliated service providers, including: 

  • national government, the Tax and Customs Administration, the UWV or the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
  • local government such as municipalities, provinces and water authorities
  • private service providers, such as pension funds and insurers

In the future, government service providers will be required to offer eHerkenning. This is a provision in the future Digital Government Act. More and more other service providers also require users to log in with eHerkenning. This makes eHerkenning the ultimate login means, now and for the future.

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Applying for eHerkenning

Do you want to start using eHerkenning? Decide which level of assurance you need, and select one of the approved suppliers.

Are you already using eHerkenning? Check whether your eHerkenning means offers the right level of assurance for the online services you need. You can arrange an upgrade to a higher level of assurance via your eHerkenning supplier.

Apply for eHerkenning from a supplier

More information about application

Do you need more assistance with your application? Or are you uncertain about the level of assurance you need?

You can choose from 6 approved eHerkenning suppliers, 4 levels of assurance and several different types of login means. This way, you are free to choose how you want to log in. 

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