EHerkenning is a partnership between the Dutch national government and the private sector. This means that eHerkenning is supplied by approved providers and that the government acts as watchdog and regulator.

There are 6 approved suppliers authorised to supply eHerkenning. Your supplier is your first point of contact. If you have problems logging in or if there is a disruption, contact your supplier. Your supplier is responsible for solving disruptions and dealing with complaints and problems.

Would you like to know whether your supplier carries out maintenance or is dealing with a malfunction? Click here.

Below you will find the contact details for each supplier.

Specific contact information

Questions about a service for which you need eHerkenning

For questions about the use of eHerkenning with a specific service provider or government organisation, contact this service provider or government organisation directly.


View the list of service providers

Signing up to eHerkenning (for service providers)

Are you a service provider and do you want to make your services available online for your clients, via eHerkenning? Contact an eHerkenning broker.




How to become an approved eHerkenning supplier

Do you want to become a broker or supplier of eHerkenning? In that case, contact the admission commission via

Management, trust framework or governance

If you have a question about the management of eHerkenning, the Trust framework or the governance of eHerkenning, please contact the management organisation Logius via

Complaints and disputes committee

If you have a complaint or dispute about your purchase or your eHerkenning supplier, the first step is to check the website of the supplier in question for an internal complaints procedure

You must always first contact your supplier before submitting a complaint

Submit a complaint

If you are unable to solve the dispute with your supplier, you can contact the Disputes Committee via the eHerkenning complaints desk. They will provide you with information, advice or act as an intermediary in coming to a solution. If your complaint is still unsolved, or if you do not wish to make use of the eHerkenning complaints desk, you can submit your dispute to the eHerkenning Disputes Committee.

Complaints about prices and compulsory use of eHerkenning will not be dealt with.

Go to the eHerkenning complaints desk of the Disputes Committee