The approved suppliers of eHerkenning meet all the strict requirements and agreements imposed on eHerkenning. These requirements and agreements are laid down in public-private governance.

The service providers, approved suppliers and users are all represented in that governance. The governance consults structurally at different levels: strategic, tactical and operational. This means that all stakeholders are able to submit input about the agreements and requirements for eHerkenning.

Strategic Council

The Strategic Council is responsible for the strategic vision and continued development of eHerkenning. This includes:

  • The future of eHerkenning
  • Financing, security and transparency of prices and products

The Strategic Council is appointed by the State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Composition of the Strategic Council
Elly Plooij - van Gorssel chair independent
Marcel Wendt private participant Digidentity
Matthijs Valk private participant KPN
Shane Arjun Sharma public service provider VNG
Rodrique Engering public service provider KVK
Jos Schaffers public service provider Association of Dutch Insurers
Strategic annual plan and contact

To contact one of the members, for example to express your opinion or to obtain more information about the strategic annual plan or to examine the plan, please send an email to

Tactical Council

The Tactical Council is responsible for:

  • Content development (tactical management) of eHerkenning
  • Decisions on changes and new functionalities proposed by the Operational Council.


The members of the Tactical Council are appointed by the Strategic Council, with the exception of the independent chairperson.

Composition of the Tactical Council
Jacques Snel chair independent
Frank Jonker private participant Reconi 
Hendricus Wind private participant UnifiedPost B.V.
Marcel Benninga public service provider Chamber of Commerce
Marco Smit public service provider Municipality of Rotterdam
Laura Ouwehand public service provider RVO
Ad van Leest user APG
Sander Balk public service provider UWV
Luc Boss public service provider de Belastingdienst
Annual plan Tactical Council and contact

To contact one of the members, for example to express your opinion or to obtain more information about the annual plan Tactical Council or to examine the plan, please send an email to

Operational Council

The Operational Council consists of:

  • representatives of government service providers
  • users
  • participating market parties of eHerkenning

The Operational Council supports the change and release process. The Council also offers advice to the Tactical Council on desired changes and new functionalities, at both technical and operational level.

Composition of the Operational Council

The Tactical Council appoints the members of the Operational Council (with the exception of the chairperson). The Operational Council is composed as follows:

Sander Boer chair management organisation Logius
Bram van Pelt private participant KPN
Hans Milikan private participant Connectis
Mark Baas private participant Reconi
Douwe Jan Broersma private participant Digidentity
Marco Eikenaar public service provider Tax and Customs Administration
Jan Geert Koops public service provider DICTU
Jaques Urlus user NBA
Bernard Stibbe user VZVZ

To contact one of the members, for example to express your opinion, please send an email to

Trust Framework for Electronic Identification

The agreements for eHerkenning are laid down in the Trust Framework for Electronic Identification. eHerkenning is based on this trust framework, and is supplied on the basis of the trust framework.

On behalf of the Dutch national government, the management organisation Logius (part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) is responsible for facilitating the governance and management of the Trust framework.