Using eHerkenning

With eHerkenning, you can do business online with (government) service providers for your business or organisation; in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe.

Applying for eHerkenning

Do you or someone in your business or organisation want to arrange your affairs with the government online? Apply for eHerkenning from one of the 6 approved suppliers.

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About your application

Do you want to apply for eHerkenning? There are several things you need to remember. For example, who will be using eHerkenning, what you need and how long it takes.

Assistance with your application


Each person who uses eHerkenning on behalf of your organisation will need an authorisation. Without authorisation, eHerkenning does not work. An authorisation is personal.

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Levels of assurance

There are 3 levels of assurance for eHerkenning: EH2+, EH3 and EH4. The service provider to which you log in determines the level of assurance of its online services.

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Where you can log in

You can log in with eHerkenning to more than 600 different (government) service providers. This includes large government service providers such as the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and the Tax and Customs Administration.

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European use

eHerkenning is a login means approved in Europe. It enables you to arrange your affairs online with government organisations in the European Economic Area (EEA) that offer European login options.

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