Applying for eHerkenning

Do you need eHerkenning to handle your affairs online? If so, it is important to decide who within your business will use eHerkenning, and for which services.

Do you or one of your employees need eHerkenning? Apply for eHerkenning from one of the suppliers approved by the Dutch government. Only they are authorised to supply eHerkenning. Completing the necessary formalities may range from just one day, up to several days. It depends on the level of assurance you require, and differs from supplier to supplier.

Remember, if you intend to use eHerkenning on behalf of your organisation, your organisation must be entered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. To make your application, you will need an extract from the Chamber of Commerce that is not more than 14 days old.

Apply for eHerkenning now

Do you need assistance with your application? Watch the video or go to the step-by-step plan applying for eHerkenning.

Important for your application

How long will the application take

On average, an application for eHerkenning takes between 0 and a few days.

Steps for your application

For your application, you must complete a number of important formalities. These are necessary to guarantee reliability. The time it takes for an eHerkenning application depends on a number of factors:

  • An application must be correct and complete, and accompanied by the appropriate documents and signatures.
  • Essential checks of the submitted data. The processing time depends for example on the data recorded in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce, and the data you supply. 
  • The level of assurance you need. Additional checks may be needed such as physical (face-to-face) or electronic identification.

If your application takes longer than expected, contact your supplier.

Application for multiple employees

Do you need to apply for eHerkenning for a large group of employees? Check with your supplier whether a bulk application is possible. If so, you can arrange all the documents, forms and identification in one go.

Changes to your business data 

Have your business data changed? Only your supplier needs to be informed of a change of address.

Has your business ceased to operate, or has its legal form changed? This may have consequences for the authorisations accompanying your eHerkenning means.

Contact your supplier.


Arrange authorisations

Do you wish to use eHerkenning to log in on behalf of an organisation? In that case, you must be authorised. A record is kept for each individual person of which online service they are permitted to use on behalf of an organisation, with eHerkenning.

For example, a member of staff from your financial department may have access to the Tax and Customs Administration, but not to the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

Read more about authorisations.



eHerkenning is not free of charge. The development, management and issuing of any reliable login means involves costs.

The costs vary according to the type of login means and the level of assurance. In the list of suppliers, you can compare the various suppliers based on reviews, levels of assurance and prices.

Check out the list of suppliers

Upgrading to a higher level of assurance

You are already using eHerkenning? But do you now need a higher level of assurance? Your supplier can upgrade your login means. Make sure you also record the authorisation(s) for the services to which you wish to log in.

You can upgrade via an online form, a management module, or via an app. The method you use will depend on your supplier.

Do you want to upgrade? Contact your supplier.

Supplementary checks

When upgrading your eHerkenning means, your supplier may ask for additional information and carry out additional checks. This depends on the level of assurance you require. Additional checks include:

  • Face-to-face check
  • Electronic check of your ID document

The additional checks are intended to confirm and carry out an additional check on the following:

  • Identity of the users of eHerkenning within your business
  • The authorities granted to users of eHerkenning within your business.

This provides greater certainty that only those persons who are identified and authorised, are able to arrange specific services on behalf of a business or organisation using eHerkenning.

Expedited procedure

Do you require eHerkenning urgently? In that case, you can use the expedited procedures. In most cases, you will be able to use of eHerkenning within 24 hours.

Please note: additional costs are often charged for the expedited procedure. Specific conditions often also apply.

The expedited procedure differs from supplier to supplier. Consult the individual suppliers for more information.

Contact a supplier direct

Complex governance structure

Does your organisation operate a complex governance structure? For example:

  • Large numbers or jointly authorised directors
  • Multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers for which you wish to apply for eHerkenning

Please contact a supplier direct.

Additional information

1 eHerkenning means for multiple businesses

You can link the multiple Chamber of Commerce numbers of your various enterprises to 1 single eHerkenning means. In other words, you do not need to apply for a new eHerkenning means for each organisation. You can arrange the authorisations for the service(s) you wish to log in to, per Chamber of Commerce number.

This may be subject to additional costs.

Please contact your supplier

Explanation of the costs of eHerkenning

The development, management and issue of any reliable login means is not free of charge. It makes no difference whether the supplier is the government or one of the approved suppliers.

Who pays these costs? 

Costs are covered either directly via a contribution fee, or indirectly from tax revenue. For instance, a login means like DigiD also costs money. Just like the identity card you can use for various applications in your contacts with the government and private service providers.

The costs for eHerkenning are paid for by: 

  • approved suppliers of eHerkenning
  • service providers who offer services via eHerkenning
  • end users of eHerkenning
Competition means lower prices

Competition between the approved suppliers means lower prices for eHerkenning. A different approach is employed for example for DigiD. In this case, the costs are paid for by the government service providers, who make use of DigiD. In competition with one another, the approved suppliers for eHerkenning must set their own price for an eHerkenning means.

Cost breakdown

The cost for an eHerkenning means is based on: fixed and variable cost elements, plus a profit element.

  • Fixed costs include: the software and organisation costs, and the costs for management, maintenance, security (including anti-fraud activities) and compliance.

  • Variable costs (primarily staff costs) depend on the level of assurance. For example, for every application the identity and authority must be determined, with a particular degree of certainty.

eHerkenning only for tax returns

If you only need your eHerkenning to submit a tax return via Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk, you can use the Compensation scheme.

Belastingdienst-EH3 means

If you submit your own tax return to the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) via the portal Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk, you can use a Belastingdienst-EH3 means, and apply for compensation.

For all questions relating to this service, contact one of the approved eHerkenning suppliers who supply Belastingdienst EH3.

Check out the suppliers in the list of suppliers.

Applying for compensation from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

The compensation is awarded by the government. You can submit an application for this compensation to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). You can do this digitally by logging in with your Belastingdienst-EH3 means.

For more details, visit the website of the RVO.

Check your personal data

An eHerkenning means is strictly personal. This is why, you must always submit a number of personal data (including your name), when you apply for an application. The data you are required to submit, will depend on the level of assurance.

Check via ID document

When issuing an eHerkenning means, the approved supplier must check whether the user of eHerkenning is the person he or she says they are. The supplier checks the personal data according to a legal ID document (WID), such as a passport or identity card. 

For lower levels of assurance (EH2, EH2+) a copy is sufficient to carry out the check. From level EH3 upwards, you must present an original ID document. This requires a face-to-face check.  

For more information about legal ID documents, visit and the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Identity fraud countermeasures

Do you have a copy of your ID document? In that case, you can take a number of measures to prevent the risk of identity fraud:

  • On the copy, write that it is a copy, together with the identity of the party for whom the copy is intended, and the date on which you issued the copy.
  • Cross out the citizen service number (BSN).
  • If the application is not for eHerkenning for a sole trader, you can block or black out the passport photograph.

Please note: when making an application on behalf of a sole trader, you must also submit your citizen service number (BSN) for checking purposes.

In that case, this number may not be crossed out. eHerkenning suppliers are permitted to process citizen service numbers for sole traders. They do not store this information.