Connect to eHerkenning

Are you a (government) service provider and do you want to offer your services and products digitally? Then connect to eHerkenning. With eHerkenning you make your online services accessible to companies and organizations safely and reliably.

EHerkenning also gives you assurance that you are doing business with the right person on behalf of a company or organisation. You can then exchange sensitive information securely and reliably. For example, medical, financial or personal data.

Step-by-step plan to eHerkenning


  • Certainty about the online identity and authority of your users.

  • Cost savings by using a standard; you don't have to develop, manage or spend your own login resources.

  • Ready for European users

Do you want to connect to eHerkenning? More than 500 (government) service providers have already preceded you. For example, big government service providers, such as the UWV, the Tax and Customs Administration and the RDW, as well as municipalities, pension funds and insurers.

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What do you need?

Connecting to eHerkenning is done through an eHerkenning broker. For a connection you need a PKIO certificate (server) and SSL certificate. If you already have these certificates, you can use these certificates. So you don't have to buy them again.

You do not need a DigiLink, but the technical preconditions differ per eHerkenningsmakelaar. Your CRM or website supplier usually knows which technical aspects are involved in connecting to eHerkenning. They can help you formulate questions for your eHerkenning broker.

  • Obtain a PKIO certificate (server) and SSL certificate. Your existing certificates are sufficient.

  • Inform your CRM or website supplier.

  • Prepare a questionnaire with your CRM or website supplier for the eHerkennings broker.

  • Request a quote and request technical preconditions from an eHerkenning broker

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Your costs

Prices vary per broker. In principle, you pay the connection and annual subscription costs. In addition, you must take into account the costs of the functional management of your own application.

More information about the costs? Request a quote from an eHerkenning broker.

Contact an eHerkenning broker.

What you get

With eHerkenning you have a standard login system for all your services. Management and further development is controlled and you do not have to issue or manage login accounts yourself.

Costs for your customers

Your customers purchase an eHerkenning tool through an eHerkenning supplier. The prices of these differ per type of product and per supplier.

Your customers can arrange an eHerkennings tool themselves. They can then use their login method with you and other service providers. In the supplier overview, your customers can compare the different suppliers per reliability level based on the type of login device, price and reviews.

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Level of assurance

You determine the required eHerkenning reliability level that your customers need for your services. So you determine which type of eHerkenning tool your customers need.

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