Each person who uses eHerkenning on behalf of a business or organisation, requires an authorisation. Without authorisation, eHerkenning does not work.

An authorisation is personal. With an authorisation, you record the service(s) to which a person is authorised to log in to, on behalf of your business or organisation. This guarantees that only authorised persons are able to handle affairs online, on behalf of your business or organisation. On the online registration form, you indicate for which services you wish to be authorised.

There are two types of authorisation, namely an authorisation for a:

  • Person on behalf of a business or organisation or for an
  • Intermediary organisation on behalf of a business or organisation (chain authorisation)

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Authorising a person

Do you wish to authorise individual people on behalf of a business or organisation? This must be carried out via an authorised signatory or authorisation manager. An authorised signatory within a business or organisation must first appoint an authorisation manager.

Do you need an authorisation? First, find out who is an authorised signatory within your business, and whether there is already an authorisation manager.

Authorised signatory

Only an authorised signatory is able to issue an authorisation for eHerkenning. Whether a person is an authorised signatory on behalf of an organisation, is registered at the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

Is there more than one authorised signatory? It’s possible that all these individuals have to sign for the issuing of an authorisation. It depends on the Articles of Association of your business.

Are you an authorised signatory? Then you can appoint an authorisation manager. This person may issue authorisations for eHerkenning within your business.

Authorisation manager

An authorisation manager can apply for and amend authorisations for all people within the organisation. An authorised signatory appoints an authorisation manager.

An authorisation manager can reduce the workload of the authorised signatory and the employees in applying for eHerkenning and organising the authorisations.

Amending or applying for authorisations

If you are an authorised signatory or the authorisation manager, you are entitled to apply for or amend authorisations for all people within your organisation.

You can do this via an online form or management module that is offered as a service by suppliers. This module offers the following possibilities:

  • An overview of all eHerkenning login means purchased from your supplier;
  • An overview of the services and levels of assurance for which individuals within the organisation(s) are authorised;
  • Authorisation applications and amendments;
  • Purchasing and upgrading new eHerkenning login means (this option is not available with all suppliers).

Remember that for the higher levels of assurance, identification may be required. Face-to-face or online. This requirement can apply for the authorised signatory, and in certain cases for the employees. Identification requires the following information:

  • Personal data
  • Email address
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Copy of a valid ID document

Chain authorisation

Do you use the services of an intermediary organisation to arrange your affairs via eHerkenning? For example, reporting employees sick, or dealing with the tax authorities? Or have you been asked as an intermediary organisation to arrange the affairs on behalf of a business or organisation with eHerkenning? Chain authorisations make this possible.

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