Approved eHerkenning brokers

So, your organisation wants to sign up to eHerkenning. An approved eHerkenning broker can help you. At present, the Dutch government has approved 5 eHerkenning brokers.

Contact an eHerkenning broker.

eHerkenning is an initiative by the Dutch government, developed in collaboration with the private sector. Following government approval, private parties can become approved brokers.

What to watch out for

An eHerkenning broker will help you sign up to eHerkenning. At present, the Dutch government has approved 5 brokers. They all meet the same strict requirements and supply the same standard.

They differ from each other in a number of respects. Ask for a price quotation from several brokers, and remember the following points:

  • price (one-off/recurring)
  • possibility for additional customisation
  • level of support you need
  • possibility of further SLA agreements
  • existing contacts with your software supplier

Sign up step-by-step

Do you want to sign up to eHerkenning? Then you need to consider of a number of aspects. For example, the level of assurance you want to use for your services, and how you can best prepare your systems for eHerkenning.

View the step-by-step plan for a smooth sign up to eHerkenning