Chain authorisation

Are you an intermediary, or do you use the services of an intermediary organisation to handle your affairs via eHerkenning? For example, reporting employees sick, or dealing with the tax authorities? This is possible with a chain authorisation.

I want to authorise an intermediary

Arranging a chain authorisation often starts with the intermediary. Intermediaries usually know precisely for which online services eHerkenning is required.

You can give your intermediary permission to apply for chain authorisation. You thereby authorise this intermediary to log in to specific service(s) with eHerkenning, on behalf of your business or organisation.

Most suppliers will then not require your business itself to apply for eHerkenning.

Remember: if your cooperation comes to an end, withdraw the chain authorisation on time

I am an intermediary

Are you an intermediary? In that case, you arrange the chain authorisation together with the business or organisation for which you will be doing business online.

  • Apply for eHerkenning for your own employees at the appropriate level of assurance.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary authorisation(s) for the online service(s) in question.

In that way, your employees can log in with eHerkenning on behalf of the business or the organisation.

Read more about levels of assurance

Applying for authorisations

Do you want to apply for eHerkenning? And will other people be doing business online for you, for example people in your business or an intermediary? In that case, specify the persons you wish to authorise and for which services, when you apply for eHerkenning.

If at a later moment you wish to register an additional authorisation or make a change, you can do this via an online change form with your supplier, or via the online management module of your supplier.

Remember, this may be subject to charges.

Follow the step-by-step plan to register your chain authorisation with your supplier.

Step-by-step application for chain authorisation

Step 1. Contact your client
  • Contact the business or the organisation on behalf of which you intend to settle affairs with eHerkenning;
  • Request permission for the application for a chain authorisation.
  • The legal representative of your client (the person issuing chain authorisation) must sign for the chain authorisation.

Your clients must meet the following requirements:

  • Entry in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce; 
  • The head office of your client must issue the chain authorisation.
  • You can register a chain authorisation with your own supplier. It makes no difference whether your client uses eHerkenning via another supplier (except in the case of sole traders).
Sole traders

Sole traders must meet the following requirements:

  • At least EH3 
  • You and your client (the sole trader) use eHerkenning from the same supplier.
Step 2: selecting the service providers for your clients
  • Draw up a list of the client(s) for which you need chain authorisation(s);​​​​​​​
  • Determine with which service providers and for which services you wish to log in with eHerkenning, on behalf of your client.

The service providers with whom you log in determine the level of assurance.

Step 3: arranging chain authorisation for your employees

EHerkenning is linked to an individual person. In other words, your employees are not permitted to use each other’s eHerkenning means.

If multiple employees within your organisation use eHerkenning on behalf of your clients, each of your employees will require their own eHerkenning means, including chain authorisation(s) for the business or organisation for which they do business online.

Using chain authorisations, you can arrange matters so that your employees are able to log in to specific services, on behalf of specific clients.

Step 4: Selecting a supplier and requesting a quotation
  • Choose a supplier;
  • Contact your clients to register the chain authorisations.


Be aware that chain authorisation involves additional costs.