Public-private partnership

At the heart of eHerkenning lies the public-private partnership between the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the business community. The login system is not a single technical tool, but is provided by several accredited suppliers that form part of a network. They work according to mutual agreements: the agreements system on electronic access services. The strength of the network is the security that it offers affiliated organisations and users: online services anywhere at any time, 24/7.

Within the eHerkenning network, we define two domains: a 'cooperative domain' and a 'competitive domain'.

Cooperative domain

The cooperative domain is the minimal set of agreements for parties to cooperate in the areas of infrastructure, applications and business. The governance of this set of agreements is organised collectively and is currently supervised by Logius. Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, this organisation is responsible for managing the agreements system and it makes sure that all parties adhere to the agreements that have been made. Additionally, Logius handles all central communication concerning eHerkenning and it manages the eHerkenning brand.

Competitive domain

The competitive domain is part of the market where market parties compete on the provision of services within the framework of the set of agreements established in de cooperative domain.