eHerkenning: authentication and authorisation

eHerkenning is a standardised login system which enables organisations to make their services accessible online and securely to companies, civil servants and consumers. Users log in to a web service using their eHerkenning token, which allows them to manage their affairs online. eHerkenning will check whether the person who is utilising a service is actually who he says he is, but also whether this person is authorised to act. This means that organisations always know who they are dealing with and whether that person is authorised to act. The certified suppliers of eHerkenning provide this security at different levels of assurance.


Formerly, government organisations used a variety of parallel authentication and authorisation solutions. This yielded a multiple set of digital keys and caused poor user experience. The ensuing weak user adoption stunted the growth of eBusiness and eGovernment.

With eHerkenning, each business is issued with a single login token that can be used for various services. Thus, the multiple set of digital keys is replaced with one digital 'master key'. This will accelerate adoption, since user habits are formed by reusing the same authentication mechanism for various online services. See also: How does it work?