Approved suppliers of eHerkenning means

eHerkenning means may be requested from the suppliers below. The Central Public Administration has approved these six suppliers and only they are permitted to supply eHerkenning. They all meet the same requirements imposed, but they compete with one another in terms of price and the types of eHerkenning means they sell. This ensures an efficient market function and allows you to choose your supplier for eHerkenning, based on your own criteria.

The list of suppliers lists all suppliers and the eHerkenning means they offer.

Please note
You must complete a few important steps when applying for eHerkenning. The time needed to process your application, depends on the information included in the Commercial Register about your organization:

  • If you are the director or natural legal person of the applicant organization and you are fully authorized to act on behalf of the organization, the time needed to apply for an eHerkenning means is about 0 – a few days.
  • If your organization has a complex management structure (with many and/or jointly authorized directors) or if several Chamber of Commerce numbers are involved, for which eHerkenning must be requested, you should take into account a processing time of up to a few weeks in some instances.
  • Applications must be correct and complete, and accompanied by the right documents and signatures. For example, a requirement for purchasing eHerkenning, is that your organization is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. When processing EH3 applications, eHerkenning suppliers are obliged to perform all sorts of checks on these details, such as identification and establishing authority. The time needed to process your application, depends partly on the information included in the Commercial Register about your organization.

In short, make sure you obtain information about eHerkenning in time, and apply for it timely. Please take a good look at the step-by-step plan to see the data you need to provide for your application, and contact the supplier in the event of a complex management structure or supply chain mandates.


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