Level 3 eHerkenning

Aspect Explanation
Level of assurance eH3 | eIDAS: substantial
Login method

You log in with a user name and password, supplemented with an SMS code or a PIN code (through a token).

Application procedure

Most authorized suppliers have a complete online application procedure. It is possible that the means must be requested from the authorized supplier partly online, and partly offline (by mail). You must send the signed application form + the required documents by mail.

Authorization verification during the application process
  • The relationship between the applicant and the company is verified using the Chamber of Commerce registration.
  • Personal details are verified by showing the original identity document for a face-to-face check.
Means issuance Means are issued to users based on a reliable source document. The means are sent online or offline, for example by registered mail.
Difference with level 2+

Additional built-in security measures in mandate verification (check of personal details by means of the original identity document) and issuance online or by means of registered mail.

Can be used for, e.g.
  • all services that require level 2, 2+ or 3 eHerkenning;
  • UWV werkgeversportaal (alles rondom werknemersverzekeringen)
  • My Tax and Customs Administration Business (for example, to file your tax return)
  • the form for applying for and submitting ignition permission (GBO.Provincies);
  • a desk application for DigiD issuance by border municipalities/consulates (Logius).

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