The levels of assurance of an eHerkenning tool

eHerkenning has 4 levels of assurance. On this page you will find more information.

If you log in using eHerkenning, you want to be certain that your data will be handled with due care. The organisation wants to be absolutely sure with whom it does business. That is why secure and reliable online access to services is essential.

The service provider where you log in using eHerkenning determines which level of assurance your eHerkenning means needs for its online service.

A higher level provides more certainty about your online identity

the 4 levels of assurance

eHerkenning means come in four levels of assurance

  • EH2 (low)
  • EH2+ (low)
  • EH3 (substantial)
  • EH4 (high)

The higher the level of assurance, the more certainty the service provider will have about your online identity. For a means at a higher level of assurance, you will need to complete more verification steps during the application process to establish your identity and your authority to act. For example, an application for EH3 and EH4 includes a check of your original identity document.

An eHerkenning means is personal

An eHerkenning means is personal and cannot be transferred or shared. If someone else in your organisation also wants to log in using eHerkenning, they must have their own eHerkenning means with a mandate.

Choose the highest level of assurance of the online services you want to log in to. You are always able to log in to services that require a lower level of assurance.

Do you already have an eHerkenning means, but is its level of assurance lower than required for the online service you also want to log in to? Then you must upgrade your means to a higher level.