Applying for eHerkenning

How do you apply for eHerkenning? What should you consider and what is the best way to make preparations? The process for applying for eHerkenning consists of several steps. View the video below for more information.

Step-by-step plan for applying for an eHerkenning login means

The step-by-step plan will guide you through the main aspects of the application process. By clicking on the ‘see’ buttons, you will receive more information about the relevant topic. You may request an eHerkenning login means from one of the six recognised suppliers.

Do you want to apply for a means with one of the suppliers right now? You can choose a supplier using the list of suppliers.

Please note:

You must complete a few important steps when applying for eHerkenning. The time needed to process your application depends on the information included in the Commercial Register about your organisation:

  • If you are the director or natural legal person of the applicant organisation and you are fully authorised to act on behalf of the organisation, the time needed to process your eHerkenning application is about 0 – a few weeks;
  • If your organisation has a complex management structure (with many and/or jointly authorised directors) or if several Chamber of Commerce numbers are involved for which eHerkenning must be requested, you should take into account a processing time of up to a few weeks in some instances.

In short, you should obtain information about eHerkenning in time and you should apply for it in time. Please take a good look at the step-by-step plan to see what details you need for your application and contact the supplier in the event of a complex management structure and in the event of supply chain mandates.

View the overview of service providers and the levels they require.

Step-by-step plan for applying for an eHerkenning login means

Stap 1

For which organisation do you want to use the eHerkenning login?

Step 1

An increasing number of organisations allow you to log in using eHerkenning

Stap 2

Which level of assurance do you need to log in to that organisation?

Stap 2

The organisation where you want to log in (step 1) determines the level of assurance you need to log in.

Make a personal note of this level.

Stap 6

Choose a supplier and apply for eHerkenning

Stap 6

Choose a supplier and apply for eHerkenning

You choose your own supplier. The following factors are relevant here:

  • the type of login means
  • the costs (purchase and use)
  • the application procedure
  • some suppliers offer login means for all levels of assurance
Stap 8

End of step-by-step plan

You have applied for eHerkenning and any mandates and will soon be able to log in to affiliated organisations.